Hope for the New Year

Typing this message, it occurred to Fred that the entry title could have a double meaning. Not only could it refer to the annual sense of possibility engendered by the start of a new year, but it could also refer to Equiliberation's single "Hope" -- a song the band has yet to promote. Although many unseen things lie ahead, one thing Fred hopes to find the time to do in 2012 is promote "Hope" and see if it generates any interest in the online music world. All three of us feel that getting the song out and heard will help us find an audience. Perhaps you, who are reading this, heard "Hope" and found your way here to equiliberation.com. If so, perhaps you would like to download the song for free from CDBaby (see the link on our Homepage). . . . Or maybe you are interested enough to pay $4.99 to download our CD from CDBaby or $5.99 to download it from iTunes. 2011 was a year of activity for Equiliberation: we finally released our debut CD, and we played two shows at a new venue in Houston, Texas. 2012 should be the year we strive to get our music heard by people who don't know us -- the year we make the effort to discover how viable we are as a musical entity. Of course, the three of us continue to live in different cities and states, and we continue to deal with relentless demands on our time, so our hopes may still be awaiting action twelve months from now. Nevertheless, this is -- as we observed at the start of this entry -- a traditional time of hope. So, let us hope for good things to happen to/for Equiliberation in 2012!

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