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More Super Happy Fun!

<h2> More Super Happy Fun!</h2><BR><p>Super Happy Fun Land</p>, 3801 Polk Street, Houston, Texas



Equiliberating Houston!

<h2> Equiliberating Houston!</h2><BR><p>Super Happy Fun Land</p>, 3801 Polk Street, Houston, Texas

Prepare yourself for our 2nd annual summer reunion show. This year, we are Equiliberating Houston! This is the first time we have played in Houston, so come out if you can! We are second on the bill. The Fly Trap goes on at 8:00 pm, we follow at 9:00 pm, and Squirt Gun Warriors follow us at 10:00 pm. Since we are playing a 45-minute set, try to arrive early. If you are late, you might miss us entirely!

It does not appear that there is a cover for the show. Super Happy Fun Land might just have a tip jar.

None? Tip jar?


Reunification Rocks!

<h2>Reunification Rocks!</h2><BR><p>Red Eyed Fly</p>, 715 Red River Street, Austin, TX

Equiliberation is reuniting and performing live on stage for the first time in nearly three years! Make the pilgrimage to Red Eyed Fly to experience Equiliberation and get your long-overdue dose of "accessive" rock!

$5 for adults/$8 for minors