Christmas Calling Video 

Just in time for Christmas, the video for "Christmas Calling" is online! If you haven't seen it, click on Links & Video on the navigation bar and check it out! Happy Holidays!

Christmas Calling is online!!! 

Today, Equiliberation's new Christmas song, "Christmas Calling," went live online! Have a listen and download it from your favorite music site! Happy Holidays!

10 Years Online 

Happy birthday to! As of today, we've owned this corner of cyberspace for a decade. Who's up for another ten years?

Equiliberation returns to the studio 

Four-and-a-half years after its last performance at Super Happy Fun Land, Equiliberation is resuming its existence as a music-creating entity! Today, Fred went into the studio with the engineer of Equiliberation, Craig Sadler, and laid down basic tracks for an original Christmas song, "Christmas Calling." Fred has big plans for the song, including writing parts for a horn section, but he still hopes to have the song completed in time for release during the holiday season. Be sure to check here from time…

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Equiliberation now available on CD! 

For the new year, Equiliberation is delighted to announce that we now have physical copies of our debut CD, which was previously only available as a download. For the physical disc release, the final song, "Wiper," has been remixed and remastered Physical CDs will soon be available through CD Baby and other online retailers. Please check back here for further information regarding locations and dates of availability With the release of actual discs, Equiliberation intends to publicize and promote its…

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Hope for the New Year 

Typing this message, it occurred to Fred that the entry title could have a double meaning. Not only could it refer to the annual sense of possibility engendered by the start of a new year, but it could also refer to Equiliberation's single "Hope" -- a song the band has yet to promote. Although many unseen things lie ahead, one thing Fred hopes to find the time to do in 2012 is promote "Hope" and see if it generates any interest in the online music world. All three of us feel that getting the song out…

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More Fun at Super Happy Fun Land 

We thoroughly re-equiliberated Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas, last night. Playing our longest set in many years, we brought the accessive rock for 90 minutes and wore ourselves out in the process! Elliott remarked that we would have to start playing "Some Wounds" last because when we finished it, he felt drained. . . and "Hope" and "Equiliberation" still remained to be played! All in all, it was a ragged rock-and-roll extravaganza punctuated by several Equiliberation firsts. For one,…Read more

Return to Super Happy Fun Land 

Great news! Equiliberation has been booked for a return engagement at Super Happy Fun Land in Houston, Texas! We are scheduled to return to the stage of said fine establishment at 8:00 pm on Thursday, December 29, 2011. It will be the band's second performance of the year, making 2011 our busiest performance year since 2007 (admittedly, two performances in a year isn't much to crow about, but it's pretty exciting when compared with years of NO performances). So, if you happen to be in Houston…Read more

5 Years in Cyberspace! 

Happy birthday to We've made it to half a decade online. Maybe, one day, someone will actually visit our site and read this self-congratulatory journal entry. . . . What a novel idea! Perhaps we should live it up today so that those future Internet archeologists will, at least, have evidence that we had a good time!

Fred Rocks Alamo Stadium! 

Although there is no new Equiliberation information to impart at this time, there is some Equiliberation-related news to share. Tthe above is a video of Fred and his fellow high school faculty members performing Chicago's classic song "25 or 6 to 4" at halftime of this past Friday's varsity football game. Fred had a blast playing with the other teachers, particularly the brass section composed of the school's band directors and mariachi instructor. Of particular note (from Fred's perspective, at…Read more