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The Story
Sometime during 1999, Fred's wife suggested that Fred should try to write a catchy pop song about the coming millennium. Such a song, she reasoned, would capture the spirit of the time and command commercial interest. Approaching the suggestion as an interesting songwriting challenge, Fred tackled it and came up with "Welcome to the Millennium."

For Fred, the tune was uncharacteristically optimistic. However, he felt that the final product met his wife's suggested criteria quite well. Unfortunately, the completion of the song coincided with a low ebb in Fred's financial circumstances, and it took him several months to scrape together enough money to pay for studio time and session musicians. So, by the time he got the song recorded, it was early December, 1999, and the moment for prime commercial exploitation had passed.

While a few of Fred's friends and relatives have heard "Welcome to the Millennium" since its completion, the recording has not been available to the general public until now. Fans of the song will be pleased to hear that Fred's new band Equiliberation has a harder-rocking version of "Welcome to the Millennium" in its current repertoire.

"Welcome to the Millennium" was recorded at Eighth Note Studios in Houston, Texas. Fred's friend Buzz Buswell sang backing vocals with Fred on the track. Otherwise, Fred sang and played everything on the track except the bass and drums.


Welcome to the MillenniumLooking back over the last thousand years
It can be hard to gauge your place in the continuum
But if you need a second start
A second chance to make your mark
Then I say welcome
I say welcome
To the millennium

We have faced days of fear and days of grief
But we’ve had our days of fun to even up the sum
And if you hope for joy and peace
For love and kindness to increase
Then I say welcome
You’re very welcome
To the millennium

Fill every day
With hard work and play
Seize every second that you can
Spend every night
In dreams of delight
‘Cause you won’t get this time again

And if you feel we should agree
To tolerance and liberty
Then you’ll be welcome
You’ll all be welcome
To the millennium

1999 Mighty Tasty Music (ASCAP)